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Into question

see: call in question


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  • Intorsion

    [in-tawr-shuh n] /ɪnˈtɔr ʃən/ noun 1. a twisting about an axis or fixed point, as of the stem of a plant. /ɪnˈtɔːʃən/ noun 1. (botany) a spiral twisting in plant stems or other parts intorsion in·tor·sion (ĭn-tôr’shən) n.

  • Intorted

    [in-tawr-tid] /ɪnˈtɔr tɪd/ adjective 1. twisted inwardly about an axis or fixed point; curled; wound: intorted horns.

  • Intortor

    intortor in·tor·tor (ĭn-tôr’tər) n. A muscle that serves to turn a part medially.

  • Intortus

    [in-tawr-tuh s] /ɪnˈtɔr təs/ adjective, Meteorology. 1. (of a cirrus cloud) having very irregular filaments that often look entangled.

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