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[in-tok-si-key-ting] /ɪnˈtɒk sɪˌkeɪ tɪŋ/

causing or capable of causing :
intoxicating beverages.
exhilarating; exciting:
an intoxicating idea.
(of an alcoholic drink) producing in a person a state ranging from euphoria to stupor, usually accompanied by loss of inhibitions and control; inebriating
stimulating, exciting, or producing great elation


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    [in-tok-si-key-shuh n] /ɪnˌtɒk sɪˈkeɪ ʃən/ noun 1. inebriation; drunkenness. 2. an act or instance of . 3. overpowering exhilaration or excitement of the mind or emotions. 4. Pathology. . /ɪnˌtɒksɪˈkeɪʃən/ noun 1. drunkenness; inebriation 2. great elation 3. the act of intoxicating 4. poisoning n. c.1400, intoxigacion “poisoning,” from Medieval Latin intoxicationem (nominative intoxicatio) “poisoning,” […]

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    [in-tok-si-key-tiv] /ɪnˈtɒk sɪˌkeɪ tɪv/ adjective, Archaic. 1. of or relating to intoxicants or intoxication. 2. .

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    [verb in-tok-si-keyt; adjective in-tok-suh-kit, -keyt] /verb ɪnˈtɒk sɪˌkeɪt; adjective ɪnˈtɒk sə kɪt, -ˌkeɪt/ verb (used with object), intoxicated, intoxicating. 1. to affect temporarily with diminished physical and mental control by means of alcoholic liquor, a drug, or another substance, especially to excite or stupefy with liquor. 2. to make enthusiastic; elate strongly, as by ; […]

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