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Intraocular tension

intraocular tension n.
Abbr. Tn
The pressure within the eyeball, measured by the resistance of the tunics of the eye to indentation.


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  • Intra-office

    adjective inside or within an office

  • Intraoral

    intraoral in·tra·o·ral (ĭn’trə-ôr’əl) adj. Within the mouth.

  • Intraoral anesthesia

    intraoral anesthesia n.

  • Intraparietal sulcus

    intraparietal sulcus in·tra·pa·ri·e·tal sulcus (ĭn’trə-pə-rī’ĭ-təl) n. A horizontal sulcus extending from the postcentral sulcus and dividing into two branches to form with the postcentral sulcus a figure H that divides the parietal lobe into a superior and an inferior lobule.

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