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[in-truh-yoo-ter-in, -tuh-rahyn] /ˌɪn trəˈyu tər ɪn, -təˌraɪn/

located or occurring within the uterus.
within the womb

intrauterine in·tra·u·ter·ine (ĭn’trə-yōō’tər-ĭn, -tə-rīn’)
Within the uterus.


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  • Intrauterine amputation

    intrauterine amputation n. See congenital amputation.

  • Intrauterine contraceptive

    intrauterine contraceptive n. An intrauterine device.

  • Intrauterine-device

    noun 1. any small, mechanical device for semipermanent insertion into the uterus as a contraceptive. Abbreviation: IUD. noun 1. a metal or plastic device, in the shape of a loop, coil, or ring, inserted into the uterus to prevent conception IUD intrauterine device n. Abbr. IUD A birth control device, such as a plastic or […]

  • Intrauterine fracture

    intrauterine fracture n. A fracture of one or more fetal bones that occurs before birth.

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