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[in-truh-vahyt-l] /ˌɪn trəˈvaɪt l/

adjective, Biology.
occurring during life.

intravital in·tra·vi·tal (ĭn’trə-vīt’l)
Occurring in or performed on a living organism.


Read Also:

  • Intravital stain

    intravital stain n. A stain absorbed by living cells after injection into the body.

  • Intra-vitam

    [in-truh vahy-tam] /ˈɪn trə ˈvaɪ tæm/ Biology adverb 1. during life: the staining of tissues intra vitam. adjective 2. occurring during life; intravital: an intravitam diagnosis of rabies. intra vitam in·tra vi·tam (ĭn’trə vī’tām) adv. During life.

  • Intrazonal soil

    /ˌɪntrəˈzəʊnəl/ noun 1. a soil that has a well-developed profile determined by relief, parent material, age, etc

  • In-tray

    noun 1. a tray for incoming papers requiring attention

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