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Intrinsic motivation


the undertaking of an activity, as a hobby, without external incentive; also, personal satisfaction derived through self-initiated achievement

Intrinsic motivation is the motivation that comes from inside the performer.


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  • Intrinsic reflex

    intrinsic reflex n. A reflex muscular contraction elicited by the application of a stimulus, usually stretching, to the muscle.

  • Intrinsics

    operating system, graphics A library package on top of Xlib, extending the basic functions of the X Window System. It provides mechanisms for building widget sets and application environments. (1996-08-26)

  • Intrinsic semiconductor

    noun 1. an almost pure semiconductor to which no impurities have been added and in which the electron and hole densities are equal at thermal equilibrium Also called i-type semiconductor

  • Intrinsic sphincter

    intrinsic sphincter n. A thickening of the circular fibers of the tunica muscularis of an organ.

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