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[in-troh-it, -troit] /ˈɪn troʊ ɪt, -trɔɪt/

Roman Catholic Church. a part of a psalm with antiphon recited by the celebrant of the Mass at the foot of the altar and, at High Mass, sung by the choir when the priest begins the Mass.
Anglican Church, Lutheran Church. a psalm or anthem sung as the celebrant of the Holy Communion enters the sanctuary.
a choral response sung at the beginning of a religious service.
(RC Church, Church of England) a short prayer said or sung as the celebrant is entering the sanctuary to celebrate Mass or Holy Communion

late 15c., from Old French introit (14c.), from Latin introitus “a going in,” past participle of introire “to enter,” from intro- (see intro-) + ire “to go” (see ion).


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