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[in-troo-siv] /ɪnˈtru sɪv/

tending or apt to intrude; coming without invitation or welcome:
intrusive memories of a lost love.
characterized by or involving intrusion.
intruding; thrusting in.

Phonetics. (def 2).
characterized by intrusion or tending to intrude
(of igneous rocks) formed by intrusion Compare extrusive (sense 2)
(phonetics) relating to or denoting a speech sound that is introduced into a word or piece of connected speech for a phonetic rather than a historical or grammatical reason, such as the (r) often pronounced between idea and of in the idea of it

c.1400, from Latin intrus-, past participle stem of intrudere (see intrusion) + -ive. Related: Intrusively; intrusiveness.


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