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[in-uh n-deyt, -uhn-, in-uhn-deyt] /ˈɪn ənˌdeɪt, -ʌn-, ɪnˈʌn deɪt/

verb (used with object), inundated, inundating.
to flood; cover or overspread with water; deluge.
to overwhelm:
inundated with letters of protest.
verb (transitive)
to cover completely with water; overflow; flood; swamp
to overwhelm, as if with a flood: to be inundated with requests

early 15c., from Latin inundationem (nominative inundatio) “an overflowing,” noun of action from past participle stem of inundare “to overflow,” from in- “onto” (see in- (2)) + undare “to flow,” from unda “wave” (see water).

1620s, back-formation from inundation, or else from Latin inundatus, past participle of inundare “to overflow, run over” (see inundation). Related: Inundated; inundating.


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