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[verb in-vahyt; noun in-vahyt] /verb ɪnˈvaɪt; noun ˈɪn vaɪt/

verb (used with object), invited, inviting.
to request the presence or participation of in a kindly, courteous, or complimentary way, especially to request to come or go to some place, gathering, entertainment, etc., or to do something:
to invite friends to dinner.
to request politely or formally:
to invite donations.
to act so as to bring on or render probable:
to invite accidents by fast driving.
to call forth or give occasion for:
Those big shoes invite laughter.
to attract, allure, entice, or tempt.
verb (used without object), invited, inviting.
to give ; offer attractions or allurements.
Informal. an .
verb (transitive) (ɪnˈvaɪt)
to ask (a person or persons) in a friendly or polite way (to do something, attend an event, etc): he invited them to dinner
to make a request for, esp publicly or formally: to invite applications
to bring on or provoke; give occasion for: you invite disaster by your actions
to welcome or tempt
noun (ˈɪnvaɪt)
an informal word for invitation

1530s, a back-formation from invitation, or else from Middle French inviter (5c.), from Latin invitare. As a noun variant of invitation it is attested from 1650s. Related: Invited; inviting.

1650s, from invite (v.).


An invitation: You can’t go in there without an invite (1615+)


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