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[in-vohk] /ɪnˈvoʊk/

verb (used with object), invoked, invoking.
to call for with earnest desire; make supplication or pray for:
to invoke God’s mercy.
to call on (a deity, Muse, etc.), as in prayer or supplication.
to declare to be binding or in effect:
to invoke the law; to invoke a veto.
to appeal to, as for confirmation.
to petition or call on for help or aid.
to call forth or upon (a spirit) by incantation.
to cause, call forth, or bring about.
verb (transitive)
to call upon (an agent, esp God or another deity) for help, inspiration, etc
to put (a law, penalty, etc) into use: the union invoked the dispute procedure
to appeal to (an outside agent or authority) for confirmation, corroboration, etc
to implore or beg (help, etc)
to summon (a spirit, demon, etc); conjure up

late 15c., from Middle French envoquer (12c.), from Latin invocare “call upon, implore,” from in- “upon” (see in- (2)) + vocare “to call,” related to vox (genitive vocis) “voice” (see voice (n.)). Related: Invoked; invoking.


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