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iodopyracet i·o·do·py·ra·cet (ī-ō’də-pī’rə-sět’)
A radiopaque contrast medium used intravenously in urography and also used to determine renal plasma flow and renal tubular excretory mass.


Read Also:

  • Iodotherapy

    iodotherapy i·o·do·ther·a·py (ī-ō’də-thěr’ə-pē) n. Medical treatment with iodine.

  • Iodothyronine

    iodothyronine i·o·do·thy·ro·nine (ī-ō’də-thī’rə-nēn’, -nĭn) n. Any of the iodinated derivatives of thyronine.

  • Iodous

    [ahy-oh-duh s, ahy-od-uh s] /aɪˈoʊ dəs, aɪˈɒd əs/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. containing iodine, especially in the trivalent state. 2. pertaining to or resembling iodine. /aɪˈɒdəs/ adjective 1. of or containing iodine, esp in the trivalent state 2. concerned with or resembling iodine

  • Iodoxamate meglumine

    iodoxamate meglumine i·o·dox·a·mate meglumine (ī’ə-dŏk’sə-māt’) n. A radiopaque contrast medium used that is primarily for cholecystography.

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