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the process of reciprocal transfer of ions between a solution and a resin or other suitable solid.
the process in which ions are exchanged between a solution and an insoluble solid, usually a resin. It is used to soften water, to separate radioactive isotopes, and to purify certain industrial chemicals

ion exchange n.
A reversible chemical reaction occurring between an insoluble solid and a solution during which ions may be interchanged, used in the separation of radioactive isotopes.
ion exchange
A reversible chemical reaction between two substances (usually a relatively insoluble solid and a solution) during which ions of equal charge may be interchanged. Ion exchange is used in water softening and purification, chemical analysis, the separation of radioactive isotopes, and kidney dialysis. ◇ Cation exchange is the exchange of positively charged ions. ◇ Anion exchange is the exchange of negatively charged ions.


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    ion exchanger n. A polymer containing charged groups to which other charged mobile ions become attached or replaced, used in chromatography.

  • Ion-exchange resin

    ion-exchange resin n. An insoluble polymer containing charged groups or ions that can be exchanged for charged groups or ions present in a surrounding solution.

  • Ion-generator

    noun 1. a device for creating negatively charged particles in immediately surrounding air, promoted as a cure for various ills.

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