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[ahy-oh-tuh] /aɪˈoʊ tə/

a very small quantity; jot; whit.
the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet (I, ι).
the vowel sound represented by this letter.
the ninth letter in the Greek alphabet (Ι, ι), a vowel or semivowel, transliterated as i or j
(usually used with a negative) a very small amount; jot (esp in the phrase not one or an iota)

“very small amount,” 1630s, figurative use of iota, ninth and smallest letter in the Greek alphabet. Modern use is after Matt. v:18 (see jot), but iota in classical Greek also was proverbially used of anything very small. The letter name is from Semitic (cf. Hebrew yodh).

iota i·o·ta (ī-ō’tə)

Symbol ι The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet.

language, specification
A specification language.
[“The Iota Programming System”, R. Nakajima er al, Springer 1983].
see: not one iota


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