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[ee-poh] /ˈi poʊ/

a city in and the capital of Perak state, in W Malaysia.
[pey-rak, -rahk, per-uh, peer-uh] /ˈpeɪ ræk, -rɑk, ˈpɛr ə, ˈpɪər ə/
a state in Malaysia, on the SW Malay Peninsula. 7980 sq. mi. (20,668 sq. km).
Capital: Ipoh.
a city in Malaysia, capital of Perak state: tin-mining centre. Pop: 643 000 (2005 est)
/ˈpɛərə; ˈpɪərə; pɪˈræk/
a state of NW Peninsular Malaysia, on the Strait of Malacca: tin mining. Capital: Ipoh. Pop: 2 051 236 (2000). Area: 21 005 sq km (8110 sq miles)


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