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Iris scan


an electronic scan of the eye performed from about 10 cm to a few meters away, for identification purposes


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  • Iris-shutter

    noun 1. a camera shutter having a group of overlapping blades that open and close at the center when exposing film.

  • Iridescent-seaweed

    noun 1. a red alga, Irideae cordata, found on the Pacific coast of North America, having broad, leathery, iridescent blades.

  • Iridescent

    [ir-i-des-uh nt] /ˌɪr ɪˈdɛs ənt/ adjective 1. displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow. noun 2. an iridescent cloth, material, or other substance: new fall dresses of imported iridescents. /ˌɪrɪˈdɛsənt/ adjective 1. displaying a spectrum of colours that shimmer and change due to interference and scattering as the observer’s position changes […]

  • Iridescence

    [ir-i-des-uh ns] /ˌɪr ɪˈdɛs əns/ noun 1. quality; a play of lustrous, changing colors. n. 1804, from iridescent + -ence. Related: Iridescency (1799).

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