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[adjective ahy-ern-klad; noun ahy-ern-klad] /adjective ˈaɪ ərnˈklæd; noun ˈaɪ ərnˌklæd/

covered or cased with plates, as a ship for naval warfare; armor-plated.
very rigid or exacting; inflexible; unbreakable:
an ironclad contract.
a wooden warship of the middle or late 19th century having or steel armor plating.
adjective (ˌaɪənˈklæd)
covered or protected with iron: an ironclad warship
inflexible; rigid: an ironclad rule
not able to be assailed or contradicted: an ironclad argument
noun (ˈaɪənˌklæd)
a large wooden 19th-century warship with armoured plating

1852, of warships, American English, from iron (n.) + clad. Of contracts, etc., 1884. As a noun meaning “iron-clad ship,” it is attested from 1862.


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