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a river flowing S through Burma (Myanmar) to the Bay of Bengal. 1250 miles (2015 km) long.
Historical Examples

The episode of these two merchants is well known to the inhabitants of the Irrawaddy valley.
The Life or Legend of Gaudama Right Reverend Paul Ambroise Bigandet

The Irrawaddy valley is here a little like the valley of the Forth.
From Edinburgh to India & Burmah William G. Burn Murdoch

One Sunday, I went aboard of the Irrawaddy, when this oriental usher accosted me at the gangway, with his sword at my throat.
Redburn. His First Voyage Herman Melville

The Karens are numerically the strongest and live in the delta of the Irrawaddy.
Travels in the Far East Ellen Mary Hayes Peck

A fleet of transports was escorted by a few vessels from the Royal Navy up the Irrawaddy.
General Gatacre Beatrix Gatacre

Accordingly, on the 6th of July, the vessels proceeded up the Irrawaddy.
Our Sailors W.H.G. Kingston

Still further north, at Rangoon, on the Irrawaddy, we find the same contrivance described by Symes in 1795.
The Evolution of Culture Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers

My first subdivision was Pantanaw in the Delta of the Irrawaddy.
A Civil Servant in Burma Herbert Thirkel White

It was believed that the men who had made the attack on Ynangyaung had come from the right bank of the Irrawaddy River.
The Pacification of Burma Sir Charles Haukes Todd Crosthwaite

When the Irrawaddy rose, the room on the ground-floor was generally flooded.
A Civil Servant in Burma Herbert Thirkel White

the main river in Myanmar, rising in the north in two headstreams and flowing south through the whole length of Myanmar, to enter the Andaman Sea by nine main mouths. Length: 2100 km (1300 miles)


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