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[ih-ree-uh l, ih-reel] /ɪˈri əl, ɪˈril/



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  • Irreality

    [ih-ree-uh l, ih-reel] /ɪˈri əl, ɪˈril/ adjective 1. .

  • Irrebuttable

    [ir-i-buht-uh-buh l] /ˌɪr ɪˈbʌt ə bəl/ adjective 1. not rebuttable; incapable of being rebutted or refuted.

  • Irreclaimable

    [ir-i-kley-muh-buh l] /ˌɪr ɪˈkleɪ mə bəl/ adjective 1. not reclaimable; incapable of being reclaimed or rehabilitated: an irreclaimable swamp; irreclaimable offenders. /ˌɪrɪˈkleɪməbəl/ adjective 1. not able to be reclaimed

  • Irreconcilability

    [ih-rek-uh n-sahy-luh-buh l, ih-rek-uh n-sahy-] /ɪˈrɛk ənˌsaɪ lə bəl, ɪˌrɛk ənˈsaɪ-/ adjective 1. incapable of being brought into harmony or adjustment; incompatible: irreconcilable differences. 2. incapable of being made to acquiesce or compromise; implacably opposed: irreconcilable enemies. noun 3. a person or thing that is irreconcilable. 4. a person who is opposed to agreement or […]

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