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Irregular astigmatism

irregular astigmatism n.
Astigmatism in which different parts of the same meridian have different degrees of curvature.


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  • Irregular bone

    irregular bone n. Any of a group of bones having peculiar or complex forms, such as the vertebrae.

  • Irregular dentin

    irregular dentin n. See tertiary dentin.

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    irregular flower (ĭ-rěg’yə-lər) A flower in which one or more members of a whorl, or of several floral whorls, differ in form from other members. Irregular flowers, such as those of the violet or the pea, are often bilaterally symmetric. The pea has one large upper petal above, two free petals on the each side, […]

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    noun, Astronomy. 1. a galaxy with no specific form and a relatively low mass. irregular galaxy A galaxy that does not have the clearly defined shape and structure of typical elliptical, lenticular, or spiral galaxies. Irregular galaxies typically contain large amounts of gas and dust, and their stars are often young. They account for only […]

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