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[ahy-zey-uh n or, esp. British, ahy-zahy] /aɪˈzeɪ ən or, esp. British, aɪˈzaɪ/

of, relating to, or characteristic of Isaiah or of the book of the Bible bearing his name.


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    [ahy-zey-uh or, esp. British, ahy-zahy-uh] /aɪˈzeɪ ə or, esp. British, aɪˈzaɪ ə/ noun 1. Also called Isaiah of Jerusalem. a Major Prophet of the 8th century b.c. 2. a book of the Bible bearing his name. Abbreviation: Isa. 3. a male given name. /aɪˈzaɪə/ noun (Old Testament) 1. the first of the major Hebrew prophets, […]

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    [ahy-zahy] /ˈaɪ zaɪ/ noun, Douay Bible. 1. .

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    (Gen. 37:28; 39:1, A.V.) should be “Ishmaelites,” as in the Revised Version.

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