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[ahy-zuh n-glas, -glahs, ahy-zing-] /ˈaɪ zənˌglæs, -ˌglɑs, ˈaɪ zɪŋ-/

a pure, transparent or translucent form of gelatin, obtained from the air bladders of certain fish, especially the sturgeon: used in glue and jellies and as a clarifying agent.
mica, especially in thin, translucent sheets.
a gelatine made from the air bladders of freshwater fish, used as a clarifying agent and adhesive

1520s, said to be perversion of Dutch huysenblas, literally “sturgeon bladder,” from huysen “sturgeon” + blas “bladder;” so called because the substance was obtained from it.
(ī’zən-glās’, ī’zĭng-)


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