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a specialist in the study of Islam
same as Islamist (sense 2)


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  • Islamic jihad

    noun any of several Muslim extremist organizations in the Middle East and the war they wage against perceived threats to the Islamic religion Word Origin jihad from jahada ‘to strive for a better way of life’

  • Islamic-republic-of-mauritania

    noun 1. official name of .

  • Islamism

    [is-lah-miz-uh m, iz-, is-luh-miz-, iz-] /ɪsˈlɑ mɪz əm, ɪz-, ˈɪs ləˌmɪz-, ˈɪz-/ noun 1. the religion or culture of . /ˈɪzləmɪzm/ noun 1. support of or advocacy for Islamic fundamentalism

  • Islamist

    /ˈɪzləmɪst/ adjective 1. supporting or advocating Islamic fundamentalism noun 2. a supporter or advocate of Islamic fundamentalism

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