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Isle of dogs

See (Isle of) Dogs


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  • Isle-of-man

    noun 1. . [man] /mæn/ noun 1. Isle of, an island of the British Isles, in the Irish Sea. 227 sq. mi. (588 sq. km). Capital: Douglas. noun 1. See (Isle of) Man2 /mæn/ noun (pl) men (mɛn) 1. an adult male human being, as distinguished from a woman 2. (modifier) male; masculine: a man […]

  • Isle-of-pines

    noun 1. an island belonging to Cuba, in the Caribbean Sea, off the SW coast of mainland Cuba. 1180 sq. mi. (3056 sq. km). [pahynz] /paɪnz/ noun 1. Isle of, former name of . [yooth] /yuθ/ noun 1. Isle of, an island in the Caribbean, a special municipality in S Cuba. 1182 sq. mi. (3060 […]

  • Isle of sheppey

    noun 1. See (Isle of) Sheppey

  • Isle-of-shoals-boat

    noun 1. a sailing boat formerly used in Ipswich Bay, Massachusetts, rigged with two spritsails or gaff sails.

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