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Iso 8823

presentation layer


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  • Iso 8859

    standard, character ISO/IEC’s set of 8-bit coded graphic character sets for European languages. Part 1 (full name: “ISO 8859-1:1987 Information processing — 8-bit single-byte coded graphic character sets — Part 1: Latin alphabet No. 1”) is a common extension of, and replacement for, ASCII. ISO shop (http://iso.ch/iso/en/CatalogueDetailPage.CatalogueDetail?CSNUMBER=28245). (2001-12-28)

  • Iso 8825

    Basic Encoding Rules

  • Iso 8879

    standard, character The ISO standard defining SGML. (1995-05-03)

  • Iso 9000

    A set of international standards for both quality management and quality assurance that has been adopted by over 90 countries worldwide. The ISO 9000 standards apply to all types of organisations, large and small, and in many industries. The standards require: standard language for documenting quality processes; system to manage evidence that these practices are […]

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