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Isotope geology

the study and application of stable and radioactive isotopes to geological processes and their time scales


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  • Isotopic

    [ahy-suh-tohp] /ˈaɪ səˌtoʊp/ noun, Chemistry. 1. any of two or more forms of a chemical element, having the same number of protons in the nucleus, or the same atomic number, but having different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus, or different atomic weights. There are 275 isotopes of the 81 stable elements, in addition to […]

  • Isotopic-number

    noun, Physics. 1. the number of neutrons minus the number of protons in an atomic nucleus.

  • Isotopic-spin

    noun, Physics. 1. a quantum number that is related to the number of different values of electric charge that a given kind of baryon or meson may have. Symbol: I. noun 1. See isospin isotopic spin (ī’sə-tŏp’ĭk) See isospin.

  • Isotopy

    [ahy-sot-uh-pee, ahy-suh-toh-pee] /aɪˈsɒt ə pi, ˈaɪ səˌtoʊ pi/ noun, Chemistry. 1. the quality or condition of being isotopic; isotopic character.

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