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I seem to recall


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  • Istria

    [is-tree-uh; Italian ees-tryah] /ˈɪs tri ə; Italian ˈis tryɑ/ noun 1. a peninsula at the N end of the Adriatic, in SW Slovenia and W Croatia. /ˈɪstrɪə/ noun 1. a peninsula in the N Adriatic Sea: passed from Italy to Yugoslavia (except for Trieste) in 1947 and to Croatia in 1991

  • Istss

    International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies

  • Isu

    1. Idaho State University 2. Illinois State University 3. Indiana State University 4. Iowa State University

  • I suppose so

    I reluctantly agree, I guess so, as in Do you want tickets to the concert?—I suppose so, or Do you think it’s going to rain?—I suppose so. [ Mid-1500s ]

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