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[ahy-tin-er-uh nt, ih-tin-] /aɪˈtɪn ər ənt, ɪˈtɪn-/

traveling from place to place, especially on a circuit, as a minister, judge, or sales representative; ; journeying.
characterized by such traveling:
itinerant preaching.
working in one place for a comparatively short time and then moving on to work in another place, usually as a physical or outdoor laborer; characterized by alternating periods of working and wandering:
an itinerant farm hand.
a person who alternates between working and wandering.
a person who travels from place to place, especially for duty or business.
/ɪˈtɪnərənt; aɪ-/
working for a short time in various places, esp as a casual labourer
an itinerant worker or other person

1560s (attested in Anglo-Latin from late 13c.), from Late Latin itinerantem (nominative itinerans), present participle of itinerare “to travel,” from Latin iter (genitive itineris) “journey,” from ire “go” (see ion). Originally in reference to circuit courts.


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