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International Union of Pure and Applied Physics


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  • Iter

    [it-air, ahy-tair] /ˈɪt ɛər, ˈaɪ tɛər/ noun, Anatomy. 1. a canal or passage. iter i·ter (ī’tər) n. A passage leading from one anatomical part to another. i’ter·al (-tər-əl) adj. 1. International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor 2. International Toxicity Estimates for Risk

  • Itep

    Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

  • Item-veto

    noun 1. . noun 1. (in the US) the power of a state governor to veto items in bills without vetoing the entire measure

  • Itemized deduction

    A legal deduction from one’s personal taxable income for money spent on specific goods and services, such as property taxes and charitable contributions. These deductions must be itemized — that is, individually listed and documented — on one’s tax return.

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