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building, (2 Chr. 26:6), identical with Jabneel (Josh. 15:11).


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  • Jaboatao

    [zhah-bwah-toun] /ˌʒɑ bwɑˈtãʊ̃/ noun 1. a city in E Brazil, W of Recife.

  • Jab-off

    noun An injection of a narcotic (1920s+ Narcotics)

  • Jaboney

    noun [origin uncertain; perhaps fr Italian dialect giappone, literally ”a Japanese,” but extended to any strange-or foreign-looking person]

  • Jaborandi

    [jab-uh-ran-dee, -ran-dee] /ˌdʒæb əˈræn di, -rænˈdi/ noun, plural jaborandis. 1. any of several South American shrubs belonging to the genus Pilocarpus, of the rue family. 2. the dried leaflets of certain of these plants, especially P. jaborandi, containing the alkaloid pilocarpine, used in medicine. /ˌdʒæbəˈrændɪ/ noun 1. any of several tropical American rutaceous shrubs of […]

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