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Jack out

verb phrase

To pull out; seize and expose: could jack his gun out kind of fast (1940s+)


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  • Jack party

    noun phrase A neglectful or indifferent participant: Coach Phillips was a jack party, didn’t even have headphones on (1970s+ Sports) Related Terms jack it

  • Jack-pine

    noun 1. a scrubby pine, Pinus banksiana, growing on tracts of poor, rocky land in Canada and the northern U.S., bearing short needles and curved cones. noun 1. a coniferous tree, Pinus banksiana, of North America, having paired needle-like leaves and small cones that remain on the branches for many years: family Pinaceae

  • Jack-plane

    noun, Carpentry. 1. a plane for rough surfacing. noun 1. a carpenter’s plane, usually with a wooden body, used for rough planing of timber

  • Jack plug

    noun 1. another name for jack1 (sense 8)

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