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Abraham, 1830–1919, U.S. pediatrician, born in Germany.
Karl Gustav Jakob
[kahrl goo s-tahf yah-kawp] /kɑrl ˈgʊs tɑf ˈyɑ kɔp/ (Show IPA), 1804–51, German mathematician.
Mary Corinna (Putnam) 1842–1906, U.S. physician (wife of Abraham Jacobi).
Contemporary Examples

At the heart of the show, Jacobi is stellar as Claudius, who learns to play up his physical failings to mask his own intelligence.
PBS’ ‘I, Claudius’ Still Captivates With its Taut Drama Jace Lacob March 26, 2012

Historical Examples

In the same year, 1834, Jacobi invented an electric motor and Runge made the important discovery of carbolic acid.
Invention Bradley A. Fiske

India-rubber had been tried by Jacobi, the Russian electrician, as far back as 1811.
Heroes of the Telegraph J. Munro

Graf Solms had such boxes made of tin with the name Jacobi inside.
Laurence Sterne in Germany Harvey Waterman Thayer

Some of them had enunciated Bolshevist doctrines as wild as any of Flynn’s or Jacobi’s.
The Vagrant Duke George Gibbs

According to Jacobi’s wish the marriage was to take place in the church, and after this they were all to dine en famille.
The Home Fredrika Bremer

Flynn’s jaw worked and his glance passed from Jacobi to Wells.
The Vagrant Duke George Gibbs

Jacobi said that the greater a man’s ability to act for distant ends, the stronger his mind.
A Republic Without a President and Other Stories Herbert Ward

He voiced the opinion that either Flynn or Jacobi had brought in the liquor.
The Vagrant Duke George Gibbs

Jacobi, who appeared to be captivated by Sara’s appearance, led her in the magic circle of the waltz.
The Home Fredrika Bremer

(dʒæˈkəʊbɪ). Sir Derek(George). born 1938, British actor
(German) (jaˈkoːbi). Karl Gustav Jacob (karl ˈɡʊstaf ˈjaːkɔp). 1804–51, German mathematician. Independently of N. H. Abel, he discovered elliptic functions (1829). He also made important contributions to the study of determinants and differential equations

Jacobi Ja·co·bi (jə-kō’bē), Abraham. 1830-1919.

German-born American physician who established a children’s clinic in New York (1860) and is considered the founder of American pediatrics. His wife, Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi (1842-1906), also a physician, helped expand opportunities for women in medical education.


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