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James macdonald

[muh k-don-uh ld] /məkˈdɒn əld/

James Ramsay, 1866–1937, British statesman and labor leader: prime minister 1924, 1929–35.
Flora. 1722–90, Scottish heroine, who helped the Young Pretender to escape to Skye after his defeat at the battle of Culloden (1746)
Sir John Alexander. 1815–91, Canadian statesman, born in Scotland, who was the first prime minister of the Dominion of Canada (1867–73; 1878–91)
(James) Ramsay. 1866–1937, British statesman, who led the first and second Labour Governments (1924 and 1929–31). He also led a coalition (1931–35), which the majority of the Labour Party refused to support


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