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James whistler

[hwis-ler, wis-] /ˈʰwɪs lər, ˈwɪs-/

James (Abbott) McNeill
[muh k-neel] /məkˈnil/ (Show IPA), 1834–1903, U.S. painter and etcher, in France and England after 1855.
a person or thing that whistles
(radio) an atmospheric disturbance picked up by radio receivers, characterized by a whistling sound of decreasing pitch. It is caused by the electromagnetic radiation produced by lightning
any of various birds having a whistling call, such as certain Australian flycatchers and the goldeneye See also thickhead (sense 2)
any of various North American marmots of the genus Marmota, esp M. caligata (hoary marmot)
(vet science) a horse affected with an abnormal respiratory noise, resembling whistling
(informal) a referee
James Abbott McNeill. 1834–1903, US painter and etcher, living in Europe. He is best known for his sequence of nocturnes and his portraits


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