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[jan-uh-fawrm] /ˈdʒæn əˌfɔrm/



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  • Janina

    [yah-nee-nah] /ˈyɑ ni nɑ/ noun 1. Serbian name of . /ˈjaniːna/ noun 1. the Serbian name for Ioánnina

  • Janine

    [juh-neen] /dʒəˈnin/ noun 1. a female given name.

  • Janissary

    [jan-uh-ser-ee] /ˈdʒæn əˌsɛr i/ noun, plural janissaries. 1. (often initial capital letter) a member of an elite military unit of the Turkish army organized in the 14th century and abolished in 1826 after it revolted against the Sultan. 2. (often initial capital letter) any soldier in the Turkish army. 3. a member of any group […]

  • Janissary-music

    noun 1. music characteristic of or imitative of that played by a Turkish military band, typically employing cymbals, triangles, bass drum, and Turkish crescents.

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