of, relating to, or characteristic of , its people, or their language.
a native or inhabitant of .
a person of Japanese ancestry.
the language of .
Abbreviation: Japn., Japn.
Contemporary Examples

He became the first Japanese American to permanently settle in the U.S., and helped to pave the way for other Japanese immigrants.
The Grape King from Shogunate Japan Debra A. Klein April 2, 2014

It is a good-sized quarter pounder of pearly meat spiced and rolled in Japanese breadcrumbs, then pan-fried to a crisp.
Become a Fried Seafood Believer at South Beach Market Jane & Michael Stern April 19, 2014

After the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox, the Japanese police opened an investigation into this case.
Vilified Bitcoin Tycoon After Losing $500 Million: My Life Is at Risk Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky September 16, 2014

“I believe that real Japanese life only began after the war,” he said.
The Working Man’s Graphic Novel Liz Goodwin April 30, 2009

And based on that, I think the Japanese police are quite efficient.
Vilified Bitcoin Tycoon After Losing $500 Million: My Life Is at Risk Nathalie-Kyoko Stucky September 16, 2014

Historical Examples

This much, however, can be said about Japanese art—that it is original.
The Empire of the East H. B. Montgomery

Back and forth they scurried to the sound of that guttural Japanese voice.
The Harbor Ernest Poole

As in Japanese houses, mats are used for sitting and sleeping purposes.
The Empire of the East H. B. Montgomery

The Japanese leaders proceeded with deliberation and caution.
The Story of the Great War, Volume III (of VIII) Various

In Chinese the pronouns also have no gender, so also in Japanese.
A Fantasy of Far Japan Baron Kencho Suyematsu

of, relating to, or characteristic of Japan, its people, or their language
(pl) -nese. a native or inhabitant of Japan or a descendant of one
the official language of Japan: the native language of approximately 100 million people: considered by some scholars to be part of the Altaic family of languages

1580s, Iapones; see Japan + -ese. Japanese beetle attested from 1919, accidentally introduced in U.S. 1916 in larval stage in a shipment of Japanese iris.

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