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A Perl program which prints “Just another Perl hacker” using extremely obfuscated methods, typically ones based on obscure behaviours of sometimes rarely-used functions, in the spirit of the Obfuscated C Contest.
The obfuscation can result from the code being total gibberish, e.g.:
$_=”krJhruaesrltre c a cnp,ohet”;$_.=$1,print$2while s/(..)(.)//;
or from having “Just another Perl hacker” embedded in opaque code:
$_=’987;s/^(\d+)/$1-1/e;$1?eval:print”Just another Perl hacker,”‘;eval
or from looking like it does something simple and completely unrelated to printing “Just another Perl hacker”:
$_ = “wftedskaebjgdpjgidbsmnjgc”; tr/a-z/oh, turtleneck Phrase Jar!/; print;
Examples (http://perl.com/CPAN/misc/japh).


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