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Java 2

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition


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  • Java 2 platform

    Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

  • Java 2 sdk

    Java 2 Software Development Kit

  • Java 2 software development kit

    language, programming (Java 2 SDK) Sun’s tools to develop Java applications, part of the Java 2 Platform. Latest version: Java 2 SDK version 1.2.2, as of April 2000. Versions prior to 1.2 were known as the Java Development Kit (JDK). (http://javasoft.com/j2se/). (2000-04-20)

  • Java archive

    file format, filename extension (jar) A compressed archive file containing Java class files, filename extension: “.jar”. The Java Development Kit contains a tool called “jar” for creating .jar files, similar to the standard Unix tar command. As well as archiving and compressing the Java class files, it also inserts a “manifest” file which can contain […]

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