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Jay darling

[dahr-ling] /ˈdɑr lɪŋ/

Jay Norwood
[nawr-woo d] /ˈnɔr wʊd/ (Show IPA), (“Ding”) 1876–1962, U.S. political cartoonist.
a person very much loved: often used as a term of address
a favourite: the teacher’s darling
adjective (prenominal)
much admired; pleasing: a darling hat
Grace. 1815–42, English national heroine, famous for her rescue (1838) of some shipwrecked sailors with her father, a lighthouse keeper

Old English deorling “darling, favorite minion,” double diminutive of deor “dear” (see dear (adj.)). The vowel shift from -e- to -a- (16c.) is usual for -er- followed by a consonant. “It is better to be An olde mans derlyng, than a yong mans werlyng” (1562).

Ps. 22:20; 35:17) means an “only one.”


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