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[jeen or for 1, British formerly jeyn] /dʒin or for 1, British formerly dʒeɪn/

Sometimes, jeans. a sturdy twilled fabric, usually of cotton.
jeans, (used with a plural verb)

[French zhahn for 1, 2; jeen for 3] /French ʒɑ̃ for 1, 2; dʒin for 3/
born 1921, Grand Duke of Luxembourg 1964–2000.
a male given name, form of .
a female given name.
a tough twill-weave cotton fabric used for hard-wearing trousers, overalls, etc See also jeans
/French ʒɑ̃/
born 1921, full name Jean Benoît Guillaume Robert Antoine Louis Marie Adolphe Marc d’Aviano, grand duke of Luxembourg (1964–2000)
Michaelle. born 1957, in Haiti. Canadian stateswoman and broadcaster; governor-general from 2005

masc. proper name, from French equivalent of John. Fem. proper name is from French equivalent of Jane.

“twilled cotton cloth,” mid-15c., from Middle French jean fustian “fustian (a type of twilled cotton cloth) of Genoa,” the city in Italy, from Old French Jannes “Genoa,” from Latin Genua (see Genoa). The plural form jeans became standard 19c.

A dialect of JOSS.


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