[jee-nee] /ˈdʒi ni/

a female given name, form of .

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  • Jeannette

    [juh-net; for 2 also French zhah-net] /dʒəˈnɛt; for 2 also French ʒɑˈnɛt/ noun 1. a city in W Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh. 2. Also, Jeannetta [juh-net-uh] /dʒəˈnɛt ə/ (Show IPA), Jeanette. a female given name, form of .

  • Jeiel

    snatched away by God. (1.) A descendant of Benjamin (1 Chr. 9:35; 8:29). (2.) One of the Levites who took part in praising God on the removal of the ark to Jerusalem (1 Chr. 16:5). (3.) 2 Chr. 29:13. A Levite of the sons of Asaph. (4.) 2 Chr. 26:11. A scribe. (5.) 1 Chr. […]

  • Jejun-

    1. variant of before a vowel: jejunectomy.

  • Jejunal and ileal veins

    jejunal and ileal veins pl.n. The veins that drain the jejunum and ileum and terminate in the superior mesenteric vein. Also called ileal veins.

  • Jejunal artery

    jejunal artery n. Any of various arteries with their origin in the superior mesenteric artery, with distribution to the jejunum, and with anastomoses with one another and with the ileal arteries. Also called intestinal artery.

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