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[jeer] /dʒɪər/

verb (used without object)
to speak or shout derisively; scoff or gibe rudely:
Don’t jeer unless you can do better.
verb (used with object)
to shout derisively at; taunt.
to treat with scoffs or derision; mock.
to drive away by derisive shouts (followed by out of, off, etc.):
They jeered the speaker off the stage.
a jeering utterance; derisive or rude gibe.
(often foll by at) to laugh or scoff (at a person or thing); mock
a remark or cry of derision; gibe; taunt

1550s, gyr, “to deride, to mock,” of uncertain origin; perhaps from Dutch gieren “to cry or roar,” or German scheren “to plague, vex,” literally “to shear.” OED finds the suggestion that it is an ironical use of cheer “plausible and phonetically feasible, … but … beyond existing evidence.” Related: Jeered; jeering.

1620s, from jeer (v.).


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