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Jehovah is there, the symbolical title given by Ezekiel to Jerusalem, which was seen by him in vision (Ezek. 48:35). It was a type of the gospel Church.


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  • Jehovah-tsidkenu

    Jehovah our rightousness, rendered in the Authorized Version, “The LORD our righteousness,” a title given to the Messiah (Jer. 23:6, marg.), and also to Jerusalem (33:16, marg.).

  • Jehovist

    [ji-hoh-vist] /dʒɪˈhoʊ vɪst/ noun 1. . /dʒɪˈhəʊvɪst/ noun 1. another name for the Yahwist 2. a person who maintains that the name YHVH in the Hebrew text of the Old Testament was originally pronounced Jehovah adjective 3. of or relating to the Yahwist source of the Pentateuch n. the presumed authnor or authors of the […]

  • Jehozabad

    Jehovah-given. (1.) The son of Obed-edom (1 Chr. 26:4), one of the Levite porters. (2.) The son of Shomer, one of the two conspirators who put king Jehoash to death in Millo in Jerusalem (2 Kings 12:21). (3.) 2 Chr. 17:18.

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    [jeenz] /dʒinz/ noun 1. Sir James (Hopwood) [hop-woo d] /ˈhɒp wʊd/ (Show IPA), 1877–1946, English astrophysicist and author. [jeen or for 1, British formerly jeyn] /dʒin or for 1, British formerly dʒeɪn/ noun 1. Sometimes, jeans. a sturdy twilled fabric, usually of cotton. 2. jeans, (used with a plural verb) [French zhahn for 1, 2; […]

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