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[jer-ee-bilt] /ˈdʒɛr iˌbɪlt/

built cheaply and flimsily.
contrived or developed in a haphazard, unsubstantial fashion, as a project or organization.
[jer-ee-bild] /ˈdʒɛr iˌbɪld/
verb (used with object), jerry-built, jerry-building.
to build cheaply and flimsily.
verb -builds, -building, -built
(transitive) to build (houses, flats, etc) badly using cheap materials

1869, in which jerry has a sense of “bad, defective,” probably a pejorative use of the male nickname Jerry (a popular form of Jeremy; cf. Jerry-sneak, mid-19c., “sneaking fellow, a hen-pecked husband” [OED]). Or from or influenced by nautical slang jury “temporary,” which came to be used of all sorts of makeshift and inferior objects (see jury (adj.)).


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