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[jezh-oo-it-i-kuh l, jez-oo-, jez-yoo-] /ˌdʒɛʒ uˈɪt ɪ kəl, ˌdʒɛz u-, ˌdʒɛz yu-/

of or relating to or Jesuitism.
(often lowercase) practicing casuistry or equivocation; using subtle or oversubtle reasoning; crafty; sly; intriguing.


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    [jezh-oo-i-tahyz, jez-oo-, jez-yoo-] /ˈdʒɛʒ u ɪˌtaɪz, ˈdʒɛz u-, ˈdʒɛz yu-/ verb (used with or without object), Jesuitized, Jesuitizing. 1. to make or to become a .

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    [jezh-oo-it, jez-oo-, jez-yoo-] /ˈdʒɛʒ u ɪt, ˈdʒɛz u-, ˈdʒɛz yu-/ noun 1. a member of a Roman Catholic religious order (Society of Jesus) founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1534. 2. (often lowercase) a crafty, intriguing, or equivocating person: so called in allusion to the methods ascribed to the order by its opponents. adjective 3. […]

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    noun 1. Chinese porcelain of the early 18th century, decorated with Christian motifs, usually in black and gold on a white background.

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