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snatched away by God, a descendant of Zerah (1 Chr. 9:6).


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  • Jeune-fille

    [zhœn fee-yuh] /ʒœn ˈfi yə/ noun, plural jeunes filles [zhœn fee-yuh] /ʒœn ˈfi yə/ (Show IPA). French. 1. a girl or young woman. n. French, literally “young girl.”

  • Jeune-premier

    [French zhœn pruh-myey] /French ʒœn prəˈmyeɪ/ noun, plural jeunes premiers [French zhœn pruh-myey] /French ʒœn prəˈmyeɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. the male juvenile lead in a play or movie. 2. a young actor who plays such a role.

  • Jeune-premiere

    [French zhœn pruh-myer] /French ʒœn prəˈmyɛr/ noun, plural jeunes premières [French zhœn pruh-myer] /French ʒœn prəˈmyɛr/ (Show IPA) 1. the female juvenile lead in a play or movie. 2. a young actress who plays such a role.

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    [zhœ-nes daw-rey] /ʒœ nɛs dɔˈreɪ/ French. 1. wealthy, stylish, sophisticated young people. /ʒœnɛs dɔre/ noun 1. rich and fashionable young people

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