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any of various triangular sails set forward of a forestaysail or fore-topmast staysail.
Compare flying jib, inner jib.
the inner one of two such sails, set inward from a flying jib.
of or relating to a jib:
jib clew.
cut of one’s jib, one’s general appearance, mien, or manner:
I could tell by the cut of his jib that he wasn’t the kind of person I’d want to deal with.
jibe1 .
to move restively sidewise or backward instead of forward, as an animal in harness; balk.
to balk at doing something; defer action; procrastinate.
a horse or other animal that jibs.
the projecting arm of a crane.
the boom of a derrick.
to shift from one side to the other when running before the wind, as a fore-and-aft sail or its boom.
to alter course so that a fore-and-aft sail shifts in this manner.
to cause to jibe.
the act of jibing.
Historical Examples

The Adventures of a Forty-niner Daniel Knower
The Woman-Haters Joseph C. Lincoln
Little By Little William Taylor Adams
The Rescue Joseph Conrad
On Yacht Sailing Thomas Fleming Day
Breaking Away Oliver Optic
Ralph Granger’s Fortunes William Perry Brown
The Rover Boys on the Farm Arthur M. Winfield (AKA Edward Stratemeyer)
The Two Supercargoes W.H.G. Kingston
Left on Labrador Charles Asbury Stephens

(nautical) any triangular sail set forward of the foremast of a vessel
cut of someone’s jib, someone’s manner, behaviour, style, etc

the lower lip, usually when it protrudes forwards in a grimace
the face or nose

verb (intransitive) (mainly Brit) jibs, jibbing, jibbed
(often foll by at) to be reluctant (to); hold back (from); balk (at)
(of an animal) to stop short and refuse to go forwards: the horse jibbed at the jump
(nautical) variant of gybe
the projecting arm of a crane or the boom of a derrick, esp one that is pivoted to enable it to be raised or lowered
(often pl) (South Wales, dialect) a contortion of the face; a face: stop making jibs
verb, noun
(nautical) variants of gybe
a variant spelling of gibe1
(intransitive) (informal) to agree; accord; harmonize
see: cut of one’s jib


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