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1728, “to talk gibberish,” reduplication of jabber (q.v.). Related: Jibber-jabbering. As a noun, from 1813.


To talk nonsense; jabber: Time for Congress to quit jibber-jabbering/ We just jibberjabbered these things all day


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    [jib] /dʒɪb/ Nautical verb (used with or without object), jibbed, jibbing, noun 1. 1 . [jib] /dʒɪb/ Chiefly British verb (used without object), jibbed, jibbing. 1. to move restively sidewise or backward instead of forward, as an animal in harness; balk. 2. to balk at doing something; defer action; procrastinate. noun 3. a horse or […]

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    /ˈdʒɪbənz/ plural noun 1. (Southwest English, dialect) spring onions

  • Jib-boom

    noun, Nautical. 1. a spar forming a continuation of a bowsprit. noun 1. (nautical) a spar forming an extension of the bowsprit

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    noun 1. a crane having an arm guyed at a fixed angle to the head of a rotating mast.

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