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variant spellings of Djibouti


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  • Jibuti

    [ji-boo-tee] /dʒɪˈbu ti/ noun 1. . [ji-boo-tee] /dʒɪˈbu ti/ noun 1. Formerly French Somaliland, French Territory of the Afars and Issas. a republic in E Africa, on the Gulf of Aden: a former overseas territory of France; gained independence 1977. 8492 sq. mi. (21,994 sq. km). Capital: Djibouti. 2. a seaport in and the capital […]

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    just in case

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    [hee-kuh-muh, hik-uh-] /ˈhi kə mə, ˈhɪk ə-/ noun 1. the large, edible, tuberous root of a tropical American plant, Pachyrhizus erosus, of the legume family, eaten as a vegetable either raw or boiled. /dʒɪˈkɑːmə; Spanish xɪkama/ noun 1. a pale brown turnip with crisp sweet flesh, originating in Mexico

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    [hee-kuh-ree-uh] /ˌhi kəˈri ə/ noun, plural Jicarillas (especially collectively) Jicarilla for 1. 1. a member of a group of North American Indians who once inhabited primarily northern New Mexico and southeastern Colorado and are situated in northwestern New Mexico. 2. the Athabaskan language of the Jicarilla.

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