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[jig-er] /ˈdʒɪg ər/

verb (used with object)
to interfere with.
to manipulate or alter, especially in order to get something done illegally or unethically:
to jigger company records to conceal a loss.
a person or thing that jigs
(golf) an iron, now obsolete, with a thin blade, used for hitting long shots from a bare lie
any of a number of mechanical devices having a vibratory or jerking motion
a light lifting tackle used on ships
a small glass, esp for whisky, with a capacity of about one and a half ounces
(NZ) a light hand- or power-propelled vehicle used on railway lines
(engineering) a type of hydraulic lift in which a hydraulic ram operates the lift through a block and tackle which increases the length of the stroke
(Canadian) a device used when setting a gill net beneath ice
(mining) another word for jig (sense 5)
(nautical) short for jiggermast
(billiards) another word for bridge1 (sense 10)
(US & Canadian, informal) a device or thing the name of which is unknown or temporarily forgotten
(Liverpool, dialect) an alleyway
other names for the chigoe (sense 1)

“1.5-ounce shot glass,” 1836, American English, in early use also of the drink itself, from jigger “illicit distillery” (1824), of unknown origin; or else perhaps from jigger, a 1756 alteration of chigger “tiny mite or flea.” As a name for various appliances, the word is attested by 1825, from jig.

jigger jig·ger2 (jĭg’ər)



Related Terms

doodad, i’ll be damned

[giger, ”lock,” is found by 1612, apparently coined by Thomas Dekker, and is probably the source of the third noun sense]


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